How to UNLOCK you Huawei Mobile Broadband Router / Modem

You will find here information about how to unlock your huawei modem/router by unlock code, you do not need any IT knowlege or install any additional software, I will explain here in few words what you will need to do to obtain the unlock code and how to enter the code and unlock your modem.
Firstly I do NOT offer free codes on this website or free code calculators, You can buy unlock code for only GBP 0.99 on ebay, you will find links below
what information you will need to provide to seller?
Your modem model
And 15 digit IMEI number
you will find all information on your modem behind the battery or on the back cover

Where can I buy the code from?
you can buy using the links below

am I a reliable seller?
check my eBay profile below

all codes are sent by ebay messages and you will get it within max few hours 
I always do my best to send unlock code ASAP so sometimes you may get it within few minutes

You have Your code ready?
some things that you will need to know
all new Huawei modems have a web interface management page, to find out what address you need to type on web browser to access it look on your modem label again or read the modem manual
normally its printed on the modem
in my case its
please also remember the login details user name: admin and password: admin
You may need those details to login on the modem management page before you enter the unlock code
user name and password is case sensitive

on different modem models the IP address my be different
for example it may be or or
so please check which IP adress you need to type in web browser to access the modem management page
as on that page you will be asked for unlock code,
also user name and password may be for example Admin Admin not admin admin like on my modem

once you have all this info make a note of the WiFi network name and password
SSID is your WIFI network name and WiFi Key is your WiFi Password

 ok thats all the theory done, still don't know what to do? don't worry lets see how does it work in practice
1) If your modem is battery powered switch off your modem
2) Insert not accepted simcard (if your modem is locked to vodafone insert simcard from 3 or o2)
3) Power Up Your modem and wait few sec
4) Now using your Laptop / Ipad / Tablet or any other wifi enabled device search for yourhuawei modem WiFi network name and connect to it using the WiFi  password from your modem
5) Once the WiFi connection on your Laptop / Ipad / Tablet is established with the Huawei modem/router please open web browser and in address bar type the IP address of your modem
in my case its but as I said it can also be or etc 
6) Your modem management page should load and it should redirect you to unlocking page

(sometimes you may need to log in as administrator before it will let you to enter the unlock code, default login details: admin admin or Admin Admin or whatever is printed on your modem) 

7) Now you should see page asking for unlock code enter the unlock code provided and job done your modem is unlocked

All information like:
modem management page Ip address, login user name and password
wifi network name and password are printed somewhere on your modem or you will find them on your modem manual 

just in case instructions above are not clear please see video below

hope that helped :)

more boring stuff coming soon :)

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